Advokatguiden is a safe platform that helps clients find the right lawyer

Our vision is to contribute to increased transparency and democratization of the legal profession. Our aim is to make current and future legal services more accessible to most people.

Advokatguiden is a safe platform that helps clients find the right lawyer

Advokatguiden was founded in 2020, and is owned and operated by Advokatguiden AS. The company is based in Oslo, with operations in Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, The United States and Switzerland. Advokatguiden is a user-focused online service for finding and ranking lawyers. At Advokatguiden, all lawyers, legal assistants and attorneys in Denmark are listed, a total of close to 4900. Over a thousand lawyers have already claimed their profile, and hundreds have activated a Premium profile. Thousands of reviews of lawyers have been published. We aim to always be up-to-date with correct information about Danish lawyers, attorneys and associates. To ensure the quality of the platform, we primarily gather our information from open sources and continuously update them

François Savard
François Savard CEO and co founder

Graduated in law (LL.M) at UiO, with a bachelor's in law and management from USN and a master's in governance and management from OsloMet. Ali has previously worked as a real estate agent and from 2015 as a lawyer. In recent years, he has worked as a lawyer at Tekna, where he has mainly worked as an advisor to start-ups. He has also been involved in founding two companies in the past in car rental and real estate. He started as CEO of Advokatguiden in 2022.

Erling Løken Andersen
Erling Løken Andersen Founder and chairman of the board

Norwegian IT entrepreneur and former lawyer. Qualified lawyer (LL.M) at UiO and 3-year Art Director from Westerdals. In 2004, Erling founded the digital marketing agency Omega Media. One of the products the company developed was the former Norwegian online community, which was launched in 2005. In 2008, Omega Media and were sold to TV2 and Egmont for NOK 76 million. Following the sale, Erling received a tax claim in millions, which inspired him to start studying law. Erling bought back Omega Media towards the end of 2012, and completed his studies on a part-time basis alongside a full-time job. He eventually won the tax case against the state. Erling then worked as a lawyer until 2019, when he left the legal profession to found Advokatguiden AS.

Jernej Hartman
Jernej Hartman CTO

Jernej Hartman has an a Master in computer science from Slovenia. He has extensive experience in software development and has played a key role in the development of Advokatguiden since its inception. Jernej is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Advokatguiden. He is based in Slovenia and has been involved in the platform's code development from day one. Jernej ensures that our technology is at the forefront of the industry and leads the development team with a focus on innovation and optimization.

Ben Lauritzen
Ben Lauritzen CFO

Jernej Hartman is the developer who built the platform from scratch and maintains it. Jernej develops our features and implements them, improves the platform and deals with the technical challenges that come from international expansion. Working remotely from Slovenia, he has a master's degree in computer science and has wide experience building SaaS platforms, apps, and other complex web infrastructures.

Why Advokatguiden?

Our ambition is to be the most complete website for information about lawyers, not just in little Norway, but the whole world.

It should be easy to find a lawyer

On our homepage, you can easily find a lawyer by searching for name, keyword, place and legal field. You can sort your match by popularity or score, and compare thousands of profiles. Advokatguiden helps you find the best lawyer for your needs.

Find the best lawyer

We highlight the best lawyers. On Advokatguiden, former clients can write reviews. Based on total scores for legal skills, availability, quality of work, implementation and communication, we rank Denmark's best lawyers. All reviews are published anonymously. To ensure the platform's quality, we carry out an ongoing assessment of all incoming reviews.

Get legal help for {title} from different lawyers

At Advokatguiden, it is easy to get in touch with a lawyer, completely free of charge. On our main page you can fill in our offer form. Based on legal subject area and geographical distance, we send your inquiry to up to three lawyers. Within a short time you will receive a free, non-binding offer from a lawyer.

Advokatguiden is the lawyer service of the future

Advokatguiden invites today's lawyers, attorneys and associates to dare to think differently. Together we can contribute to increased transparency and democratization of the legal profession - and realize the goal of making current and future legal services more accessible to most people.

Developed by Journey Group

Advokatguiden has been developed by the digital marketing agency Journey Group, which is located in Oslo. Journey focuses on strategic digital consulting and analysis, web development, content marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, Online Reputation Management and social media campaigns. The company has worked with several well-known national and international customers such as Coca-Cola, Sony Playstation, TV2 and Krogsveen. In 2020, Journey had a turnover of 34.4 million, and today has around 30 employees. The company has its head office at Skøyen in Oslo.
Developed by Journey Group